Nuvol+Mobil mobile apps are well established platform for enterprises of all sizes and its transformation into a mobile and social platform gives customers the opportunity to engage better with prospects, sell more effectively, and be more responsive to customers. This is a major shift from a traditional CRM system, which is primarily a system of record and sales management, to a true customer and sales enablement platform.
With extensive sales enterprise engagements spanning sales, service, and related functional areas, Nuvol+Mobil cloud experts bring a real-world understanding of how to help you build cloud powered marketing, sales, and service organizations. With our iterative and technology-enabled approach, we deliver results quickly, in consumable sprints that start impacting your business in weeks or months, rather than years.

Our services span the full lifecycle of sales adoption—from defining your future state process to helping you optimize and enhance your sales and order fulfillment implementation. They include:

  • Collaboration Blueprint — Help your sales, marketing, and support teams rethink how they engage with prospects, customers, and each other. Blueprints are comprehensive effort, resulting in a clearly defined plan and requirements that minimizes the risk of your implementation.
  • Sales and Advertising Cloud Deployment —Help you configure, customize, and integrate sales applications to maximize value within the context of your business.
  • User Adoption—Ensure successful adoption of sales applications across your business using a combination of traditional training, early adopter groups, and social tools.
  • Cloud Management—Optimize and enhance your sales applications over time to ensure that your solutions evolve with your business.