Developing and managing applications in the public cloud is very different from managing the on-premise world that your tools were designed to support. The pace of change is faster in cloud environments, driven by rapidly changing business requirements. Innovation is automatically delivered every quarter through new releases of your cloud platforms. Taking advantage of agile development is not just a possibility, but a necessity. Nuvol+Mobil supports the entire lifecycle of agile development utilizing all agile templates and assets for best practices development and deployment.

Why Nuvol+Mobil’ works with Agile Methodology?

  • Increase transparency and lower risk of your most complex cloud development and management projects
  • Tailored 100% for use on cloud projects
  • Ready-to-use tools, based on best-practices learned from thousands of cloud projects

Key differentiator is where Nuvol+Mobil optimize using Agile Development Methodology with User Adoption Methodology for improving and focusing on user requirements acceptance.

Our design approach is always heavily influenced by the consumer voice. We gather market insights from qualitative and quantitative sources, giving us broad inputs that are more likely to identify opportunities that can achieve lasting market impact. Organizational insights come from deep immersion into our clients’ business operations and decision-making processes. This ensures that objectives are evaluated early in the idea generation cycle.

The figure 1 below illustrates the agile phases –



The figure 2 below illustrates the user adoption iterative approach.  Together, these capabilities represent the full, and ever-improving, lifecycle of success with cloud projects.