Mobile devices are changing the way we use technology. Smartphones and tablets make it easy for us to access information and apps when we need them, wherever we are. Mobile apps have changed your customers’ and employees’ expectations of technology. Business applications now need to be as easy to use as mobile apps, and your customers and employees expect to be able to engage with your business on their favorite devices. The mobile opportunities for your business are enormous, but how do you understand where mobility can meaningfully impact your business and quickly build applications that drive measurable business results?

How can I use mobile applications to deepen customer relationships and increase employee productivity?

Nuvol+Mobil’s innovation strategy ensures that the products and services we design are market-ready and aligned with our clients’ objectives. We do this by working closely with our creative and technology teams to understand projects at every stage. We also partner with our clients from idea generation to market commercialization in order to mitigate the risks often associated with disruptive product innovation.  Our offerings include:?

  • Mobile Workshop and Blueprint – We help you identify areas where mobile applications can have the greatest impact on your business, building application mock-ups and prototypes.
  • Configurable Mobile Apps – We help you extend your current sales investments with one of these three apps that cover use cases we see time and again with our customers. Each of these can be configured to fit your specific requirements.
  • Mobile App Development – We help you rapidly develop intuitive mobile cloud applications with Nuvol+Mobil cloud User Interface (UI) experts, our Cloud developer community and growing mobile asset library. Examples of our mobile assets include custom mobile extensions for re-use, mobile toolkits, and packaged mobile integrations??
  • Mobile Cloud Management and Optimization – We help you with ongoing management and enhancement of custom mobile cloud apps as part of a monthly contract. Our support offerings span everything from incident management to support for operating system upgrades to end-user support.